The Bag of Diamonds | George Manville Fenn

The Bag of Diamonds as a story is unusual for this author, for much of the action takes place on the lower floors of a doctor's house in nineteenth century London. The doctor had for some years been obsessed with an idea that he could make an elixir of eternal life, and at some point in the recent past he had started to neglect his patients, so that he had very few new patients, so there was not much money in the house, and times were hard.

The most amusing character in the book is Bob, the "boots" boy, and it is he who at almost the last chapter rediscovers the Bag of Diamonds, that had somehow got lost in almost the first. There are villains, heroes, heroines--and Bob with his antics--in this book, and you will enjoy it. For the whole middle part of the book the people in it are blundering about, none of them ever quite sure what was going on.