Yussuf the Guide | George Manville Fenn

In Yussuf the Guide, young Lawrence, an invalid, is lovingly cared for by his old nurse, Mrs. Dunn, yet he dreads the cold and fog of the coming English winter. When he learns that one of his guardians, Preston the Professor, is planning an archaeological expedition to Turkey, he begs to be taken along. Lawrence's other guardian, Burne the Lawyer, declares that he will accompany them and that they will bring Lawrence back a man!

Traveling by boat and overland they reach Smyrna in Turkey where they engage Yussuf the Guide. Through the months that follow, they travel deeper and deeper into the remote regions of central Turkey on their trusty horses in search of ancient ruins. There, with constant fresh air and exercise, Lawrence begins to regain his strength and Yussuf proves his worth time and time again as they face adventure and danger from a murderous ship captain, poisonous snakes, sheer precipices, bands of robbers and more.