A Young Hero | George Manville Fenn

In the opening scene of A Young Hero, Doctor Martin, a most learned gentleman, is teaching Phil, the hero, his Latin. Phil is perhaps eight or none years of age, not older then that, Dr Martin is French, while Phil is English. It is a time in Canada in which war is about to break out between the English, who have colonised most of North America, and the French, who have occupied most of Canada.

All of a sudden Phil's father, an officer with the English forces, appears, and requests that Dr Martin should abandon his house, and all his books and papers, and take the boy Phil to him in the English lines. Eventually they arrive near the English lines, where they are arrested as possible spies. After a few weeks in A Young Hero, Phil's father appears, but at that point there is a battle, in which General Wolfe dies, being brought draughts of water in his dying hour by the young hero, Phil.